AS Safe Rides

Associated Students (AS) is providing Safe Rides to undergraudate Tritons. Need to get somewhere transit doesn't go or when transit doesn't run? AS has you covered!

AS Safe Rides provides accessibility to Tritons on trips to off campus emergency/urgent care, off campus parties in surrounding suburbs, night life like local bars and or night clubs (without driving under the influence), etc. Limited redemptions of discounts are offered on rides of student's choice. Use your UC San Diego email address to redeem your code.

What is AS?

AS stands for Associated Students, the Undergraduate Student Government at UC San Diego. Managing $7-10 million dollars in undergraduate student fees, we focus on students needs, advocacy, and resources. Our Safe Rides program is one of the ways we hope to contribute to your student experience.

Want more Safe Rides from AS?

Reach out to your student representatives and tell them! The Associated Students Senate allocates funds to the program, and your Senators are just an email or DM away.

I love the AS Safe Rides program, thank you for funding it. I would like to see you advocate for more funding towards the program, as my student representative.

Map of San Diego Area with polygons indicating where rides are valid.


  1. Verify your eligble: Are you an Triton undergraduate, over the age of 18, who has paid student fees this quarter?
  2. Create a Lyft Business profile, with your school email as your work email. See the Email Address Update section below for full step-by-step instructions.
  3. Within 3 days of your ride sign up with your student email address at the bottom of this page.
  4. Follow the below steps, depending on if you are an existing or new Lyft user:


You'll recieve a special code to your undergraduate student email. Within 3 days of your ride, enter it in your Lyft app. Adding a Lyft Pass can be down by:

  • Menu -> Payment -> Lyft Pass -> Add Lyft Pass


Download and sign up on for Lyft. Then, follow the above existing Lyft User instructions.


  • The AS Safe Rides program is for $12 off 2 rides (while funds last). $24 credit total, $12 to a location inside the boundaries and back.
  • Credits are only valid for 3 days after the Lyft Pass is added to your account. We strongly recommend to NOT add the pass to your account until a couple hours before your trip.
  • The program will expire when all of the funds are used or by the end of the quarter, whichever comes first. Winter Quarter 24' ends March 26, 11:59pm.
  • AS Safe Rides can only be used within the boundaries, the map image on this page. 

Email address update:

Your email address must be linked to your Lyft Business Profile in order to use AS Safe Rides. You can do this by:

  1. Going to Lyft Settings -> Profile (your first name) -> Account settings -> Business profiles
  2. Entering UC San Diego email address as your Work email.
  3. Confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation button in the email sent to your inbox.


Having trouble getting this quarter's code?

Are you getting this error message: "You've already received the e-mail for this quarter." but haven't redeemed your AS Safe Ride this quarter?  You probably tried to redeem the code before the quarter started. Email with subject AS Safe Rides, from your UCSD email and be sure to include undergraduate PID.


Xavier's probably got answers. He is the very cool, very sexy AVP of Enterprises and Services at UCSD. He doesn’t really need an introduction, but we enjoy talking about him, so we’re going to. He is the almighty overseer from AS who is dedicated to student services like AS Safe Rides, Triton Televison, KSDT Radio, AS Graphic Studio, and enterprises like Triton Outfitters.

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Xavier loves to eat ice cream, go on long walk at the beach, surf, & hike. We watch him in awe most of the time. Our only complaint is that he’s too busy dealing with his enterprises and services to be with us (he also has a wicked sense of humor)!

You can contact AVP Lopez at or DM on insta.

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