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Associated Students Mission

Welcome to the 2023-2024 A.S. Funding Guide! A comprehensive guide on A.S. Funding for student organizations throughout the academic year.

Associated Students seeks the equitable allocation of student fees and sustainable growth of student organizations. The Office of Finance and Resources has developed a list of funding principles that must be adhered to by all student organizations. To maintain eligibility for funding, your student organization must satisfy a minimum of one funding principle. The funding principles are as follows:

  • Appeals to a wide audience of undergraduate students

  • Works to advance student interests

  • Enhances student wellness

  • Encourages collaboration between on campus groups and individuals

  • Educates through positive learning outcomes

  • Contributes to the UC San Diego community

  • Develops leadership and communication skills


The contents of the 2023-2024 A.S. Funding applies solely to all Undergraduate CSI-Registered Student Organizations. In order to receive A.S. Funds, student organizations must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Undergraduate students comprise 100% of the principal membership.

  • Registered with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) for the 2023-2024 academic year.

  • All events directly relate to the student organization’s purpose.


Please Note: This Funding Guide operates under the “No Interpretation” guideline. All contents included are written to be literal, clear, unambiguous, and straightforward. If you believe a policy to be unclear, please contact the Chief Financial Officer ( or the Senior AVP of Student Organizations ( before applying for A.S. funding. Associated Students remain the sole interpreter of these rules and will make no exceptions for any policy laid out in the funding guide.


Please be aware that funds are limited. If funding exhausts within a certain quarter, there is no guarantee more funding will be added. Please submit your applications as soon as possible.

A.S. reserves the final judgment in funding decisions. Any organization hosting events found in violation of Federal law, State law, local law, mandates or any University policy will be denied funding.



Programming Funds and Tournament & Competition Funds sections are subject to change if guidelines change or as the A.S. Office of Finance & Resources sees fit. All changes will be posted on the home page. As the Funding Guide is updated, all past versions become null and void and current versions are available on


Important Notes on the 2023-24 A.S. Funding Guide

The A.S. Funding Guide is intended to be an in-depth guide of all rules and requirements to receive funding. No part of this guide is intended to be up to interpretation. If you are unsure on any part of the guide, please contact the Chief Financial Officer or Sr. AVP of Student Organizations for clarification. Below is some important information and common mistakes seen when applying for A.S. funding.

  • The phrase “A.S. working days” will be mentioned and will refer to a standard day of the working week, excluding all weekends, holidays, and academic breaks. If a deadline falls on a non-A.S. working day then the application must be submitted on the last A.S. working day prior to the deadline. For example, a Tournament and Competition application must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the event start date. However, if this day falls on a weekend, holiday, or academic break then it must be submitted on the last A.S. working day prior to the stated deadline to be considered for review.

  • All Programming deadlines listed on the Programming deadlines table are final unless otherwise stated in an official email from the A.S. Office of Student Organizations or a Listserv from the Center for Student Involvement.

  • The deadline for Programming and Tournament & Competition funds for Fall quarter 2024 Weeks 0-5 is Friday, June 5th 2024 at 11:59 PM.



Triton Activities Planner (TAP) is used by student organizations to plan events in collaboration with the Center of Student Involvement (CSI) Student Organizations Advisors and the Student Life Business Office (SLBO) Fund Managers. It centralizes all information and planning for events, including A.S. funding, as well as space reservations, purchase orders, reimbursements, performance agreements, security, etc.

A Triton Activities Planner (TAP) must be submitted for any on-campus event utilizing A.S. Programming Funds. If a TAP is not submitted, or if an event is canceled on TAP, A.S. funding for the event may not be used and will be returned to A.S. Further, if SLBO is unable to process reimbursements for events without a completed TAP. 

Please visit to complete your TAP. If you have any questions regarding the TAP process, please contact your CSI Student Organizations Advisor.

DON’T FORGET – You must begin a TAP at least 21 days prior to your event date and complete it no later than 14 days prior to your event! LATE TAPs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. TAP deadlines are counted in calendar days, not A.S. working days.



  • Any non-listed item that violates University policy

  • Apparel

  • Non-essential items or services

  • Chemicals

  • Decorations

  • Duct Tape or Blue Tape

  • Flammable Items (candles, propane, etc.)

  • Flowers/Plants

  • Gifts and giveaways (including gift cards)

  • Items deemed hazardous by UC San Diego Risk Management

  • Items that would allow a student organization to generate income (see Glossary for examples)

  • Paint (specifically house paint or canned paint)

  • Printing from Geisel or ACMS

  • Purchase or rental of firearms

  • Raffle tickets, prizes, or other items perceived as items for students’ personal gain or use

  • Stamps or postage

  • Styrofoam (plates, cups, etc.)

  • The purchase of permanent items

  • Website hosting

  • Reusable name tags

Purchase Fees

  • Any “rush” or expedited fees charged by vendors (rush printing, Priority Mail Express shipping, next-day delivery, etc.)

  • Association/membership dues

  • Parking permits and reserved spaces (A.S. will fund parking lots used as an event space)

  • Payments of fines, violations, or late fees

  • Scholarships or direct monetary donations

Event Fees

  • Events that charge admission fees to any individual (all UC San Diego students, general public, university staff, etc.)

Event Locations

  • Any events held at UC San Diego property or location where uninformed undergraduate foot traffic could not easily access the event

  • Any events occurring at the UC San Diego Hillcrest Medical Campus

  • Birch Aquarium admission fees or any events occurring at the Birch Aquarium

  • Off-campus events

  • UC San Diego Challenge Course fees or any events occurring at the UC San Diego Challenge Course


  • Gas reimbursements or rental vehicles driven by students (see the Tournament and Competition Funding section for details)

  • Travel and lodging fees (for event speakers, performers, etc.)

  • Travel costs (except tournament and competition events)


  • Alcohol, alcoholic beverage services, or controlled substances

  • Non-Approved Vendors or Services (

  • Services or labor provided by any UC San Diego student (CSO services are excluded)

  • Services or labor provided by any UC San Diego student organization at an event being hosted/co-hosted by the same organization

  • Third-party legal and financial services


Below is the calendar for when students should be applying for programming funding for each week of the quarter as well as a helpful chart listing when you should be filing forms, applying for funding, making requests, etc.

What are Programming Funds?

Programming funds are granted for events that are open to the entire undergraduate student body at UC San Diego. Some examples of events that have received programming funds include general body meetings, study jams, concerts, speaker events, and cultural shows. For the 2023-2024 academic year, A.S. will fund virtual and in-person events.


What are the requirements to receive Programming Funds?

The following list includes all the information you must gather before your event and document in your funding application.

  1. The applying student must be a principal member of a registered student organization.

  2. Estimated number of students attending your event.

  3. Price estimates for all items. If you seek funding for tip/tax, it must be listed and provided by the vendor, not self-calculated.

  4. Room confirmation/temporary hold clearly showing the following:

    1. Name of event

    2. Name of Student Organization

    3. Date and time of event

    4. Room capacity

Should your expected attendance be higher than the room capacity listed, A.S. will only fund your student organization for the room capacity. For example, if your event will have 300 students, but your room only holds 50, A.S. will only fund your event for an expected 50 students. For good practice, we recommend that you have all attendees pre-register for the event to ensure privacy and security.

  1. Confirmation or proof of temporary hold that the room is reserved for said date and time.

Failure to attach room confirmation and/or Zoom/hosting information(meeting ID and Passcode)/proof of temporary hold will lead to automatic denial without the option of appeal. Google Calendar/Calendar events are not acceptable forms of confirmation. Should a facility use a calendar for confirmation, other documentation must be provided. Examples include but are not limited to: letterhead from the facility, an email with information and contact from the facility coordinator, etc. To ensure your documentation is acceptable, contact the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations.

If your event is occurring on Library Walk, each spot has a listed room capacity of 2. If your event is on library walk, please estimate the number of people who will actively engage with your event and list that instead. A.S. will not fund any off-campus events or venues.

  1. Your event must only be open and accessible to all UCSD undergraduate students in all ways.

Your event cannot charge admission, attendance fees, mandatory donations, or any other required fiscal contribution. No money given to your student organization by A.S. can go toward permanent items (this will be discussed in detail further). Failure to comply with these rules will lead to automatic denial of funding and penalization for student organizations found in violation.

What are the Maximum Funding Allocations? Virtual Event Attendance

For the 2023-2024 academic year the funding cap for virtual events will be $150, regardless of the expected attendance. You must ensure proper advertisement of the event on all applicable social media platforms and the login settings must be adjusted to only allow UC San Diego students for security purposes. All allocated funding for virtual events can be used for virtual games and ads for the event, as well as any similar items. Please contact the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations or A.S. Chief Financial Officer, for any questions regarding what can be funded.

In-Person & Hybrid Event Attendance

To make funding convenient and equitable, A.S. uses a maximum allocation amount based on the event attendance. Each event's attendance maximum allocation is subject to change per quarter as UCSD campus policy is updated. The maximum funding allocation per event is $4500. A maximum of $200 of the total approved amount can be allocated towards flyers or promotional materials:


Expected event in-person attendance*….

Student Orgs can request up to….

  • 1-25 undergraduate students

  • $100

  • 26-50 undergraduate students

  • $350

  • 51-150 undergraduate students

  • $600

  • 151-350 undergraduate students

  • $2,000

  • 351-500 undergraduate students

  • $3,500

  • 501+ undergraduate students

  • $4,500

Student Organization Funding Maximum Policy

  • Per the Standing Rules of the Associated Students, the association shall “provide financial opportunity for UC San Diego undergraduate student organizations to get involved in campus matters and ensure that the allocations of funding is sustainable.”

  • To ensure the fair, equitable, and sustainable allocation of funds to the over five-hundred registered UC San Diego student organizations, the following maximum amounts shall hereinafter be established, with the goal of ensuring all organizations, regardless of membership or seniority, have the opportunity to apply and receive funds for programming benefitting the UC San Diego undergraduate student population:

    • Each student organization is eligible for an awarded total of $7,000 for Week 6 of Fall Quarter 2023 up until the end of the 2023-24 academic year, defined as the end of Finals Week of Spring Quarter 2024

    • Each student organization must comply to all Funding Guidelines

  • In the event a registered UC San Diego student organization reaches the established funding maximum, defined as an awarded total of $7,000 for Week 6 of Fall Quarter 2023 through Week 10 of Spring Quarter, they may submit an appeal to the AVP of Student Organizations and the Chief Financial Officer, which shall be done as follows:

    • Once a registered UC San Diego student organization reaches the established funding maximum, it must complete a Funding Maximum Appeal, which shall include:

      • The name of the requesting student organization

      • The name of the principal members of the requesting student organization

      • The reasoning and justification for the appeal, including:

        • The total amount previously awarded to the requesting student organization

        • The total amount currently requested by the requesting student organization

        • The amount requested above the established student organization funding maximum

        • The reasoning for the requesting student organization to be awarded funds exceeding the funding maximum, detailing the purpose of the organization and the respective event

        • The estimated number of events along with a price estimate per event

    • Once a registered UC San Diego student organization submits their Funding Maximum Appeal, the appeal shall be reviewed by the AVP of Student Organizations and Chief Financial Officer, who shall then inform the requesting student organization with the following: 

      • For requests under $20,000 the requesting student organization shall be informed that the request shall be submitted to the Finance Committee of the Senate, which shall have the option to approve the request, deny the request, table the request, or discharge the request to Senate

      • For requests over $20,000 the requesting student organization shall be informed that the request shall be submitted to the Finance Committee of the Senate, which shall be advised to discharge the request to the Senate where the requesting student organization will be given the opportunity to present if deemed necessary by the requesting student organization

        • Presentations shall not be required for any appeal, but are encouraged for requests over $20,000 to give more context and information on the appeal for Senate to consider as it votes

    • Funding Maximum Appeals shall only be considered if they include all aforementioned details and the reasoning for the appeal meets the following criteria:

      • Shows a clear importance to and opportunity for the enhancement of the undergraduate student, academic, and/or community experience at UC San Diego

  • To better allocate funds to student organizations throughout the 2024-25 Academic Year:

    • Each student organization is eligible for an awarded total of $8,000 for the entirety of the 2024-25 academic year, defined as Week 0 of Fall Quarter 2024 up until the end of Finals Week of Spring Quarter 2025

  • Deadline for Funding Maximum Appeals (Fall Quarter 2024):

    • The deadlines to submit appeals for Fall Quarter 2024 funding maximums will be determined by the CFO and AVP of Student Organizations and will be communicated to all principal members in a timely manner.

Notes on Funding Allocations:

  • Funding for student organizations is not guaranteed as they are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  • Funding is based solely on the expected number of undergraduates attending the event. This estimated attendance is only for undergraduate UCSD students.

  • Attendance numbers are monitored through Post Event Evaluation Forms (See PEEFS) and visitations by Associated Students Office of Student Organizations and Finance and Resources. Significant failure to meet expected attendance may be met with penalization.

  • A.S. will only fund up to the budget allocation for each quarter. Principal Members will be alerted if funding is running low.


A price estimate is any written documentation from a vendor stating the cost of the good or service. Price estimates should be as detailed as possible, displaying the exact price for each of the goods or services as well as the vendor’s information. Informal, handwritten price estimates cannot be considered for funding. Verifiable receipts must be attached to a funding request. Price estimates for individual items are required in your programming application.

Any item lacking vendor documentation of price will not be funded. As such, if you seek reimbursement for tax, gratuity, or delivery fees, you must include a price estimate for this. These fees cannot be self calculated and must be included by the vendor.

REMINDER: A.S. will not fund any rush fees for delivery. It is the responsibility of the student organization to ensure their application is submitted in time for delivery.

Acceptable forms of price estimates include but are not limited to:

  1. An email invoice from vendor

  2. Formal itemized documentation or receipt from vendor (e.g., PDF)

  3. Photos of the menu with prices and selected items marked or circled in the image (Using this option will not account for tax).

A.S. operates on the Majority Criterion policy, which means that A.S. may deny an entire Programming Funds application if too many items are unable to be funded.

A.S. advises that no student organization ever signs a contract with a vendor. If you require a price estimate but your vendor is requiring a signed contract, please contact the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources at or the A.S. Office of Student Organizations at to resolve this issue.

Notes on Room Confirmation:

  1. To restate, failure to attach room confirmation or Zoom/hosting information (Meeting ID and Passcode) leads to immediate denial without appeal.

  2. A.S. will not fund any off-campus events or venues.

  3. Google Calendar/Calendar events are not acceptable forms of confirmation

    1. Should a facility use a calendar for confirmation, other documentation must be provided. Examples include but are not limited to: Letterhead from facility, email with information and contact from facility coordinator, etc. To ensure your documentation is acceptable, contact the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations.

  4. If your room confirmation status remains at pending, we will accept any proof showing the room/venue as pending and will expect to receive an official room confirmation two weeks before your event takes place.



Applying for Programming Funds:

  1. Visit

  2. Hover over the finance tab on the top and select Apply for Funding

  3. From this site, hover over the finance tab and select login

  4. Enter your Student SSO information

  5. Enter all information as requested including details about your event and items you are requesting for funding. Upload room confirmation documentation and all supporting price estimates for each item.

  6. Submit your application by your event date’s deadline.

Multi-Day Event Applications:

A.S. understands that some events last several days. For these multi-day events please submit a new funding request for EACH day using the prior steps. All documents must have the correct date listed for the event. All other rules apply.

Additional Information for Applying:

  1. Funding Requests must be submitted by the event date’s application deadline. A.S. will only review applications on A.S. working days.

    1. A.S. working days refer to a standard day of the working week, excluding all weekends, holidays, and academic breaks. If a deadline falls on a non-A.S. working day then the application must be submitted on the last A.S. working day prior to the deadline.

  2. The automated server that hosts the application closes on Fridays at 11:59pm. Please be aware that the SUBMIT button must be clicked prior to the 11:59pm deadline. Failure to submit by the deadline due to timing issues is not a valid excuse. The online system will automatically log you off should you remain on the page for too long. Failure to submit due to a log off error is not an acceptable excuse.

  3. The funding system will only accept price estimates as an image or PDF. Please DO NOT submit documentation as a word document or an excel spreadsheet.

  4. A.S. may contact your student organization with requests for extra information. If so, ensure that this information is submitted prior to 5pm on the Wednesday following contact. You are now able to edit the applications online. Please confirm with the Sr. AVP of Student Orgs when you have completed the changes requested.

  5. You will automatically be emailed when the application is being processed, when comments are added, or when information is requested. You can also check your application status online using the funding website.

  6. It is the responsibility of the student organization to properly submit a funding request. A.S. is not responsible for the submission of incomplete or incorrect funding requests. Please double check all information before submitting the application.


  1. No late funding requests will be accepted unless there is a verified system error. If A.S. cannot verify a system outage with the IT department, the student organization must provide sufficient and appropriate evidence showing the system error. It is up to the student organization to provide satisfactory documentation in instances where A.S. cannot verify the system outage. Failure to do so will result in a denial of a student organization’s petition for a late funding request submission.

  2. If you believe you are encountering a system error, please contact the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations at and the Chief Financial Officer at ASAP explaining the error you are encountering. Attach evidence documenting the error to the email.


Your application for programming funding will be reviewed by the Student Organization Funding Advisory Board (SOFAB) in the week following your submission. The following is the timeline of events post-submission:

  • Friday of Funding Deadline Week: Student organizations must submit their funding requests by 11:59pm for the Sr. AVP Student Organizations to review their applications.

  • Monday of Following Week: SOFAB will meet and review all of the funding requests and either approve the request, request the student organization to make necessary changes, or deny the request.

  • Wednesday of the Following Week: Student organizations need to have submitted any documentation to address any questions from the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations/Chief Financial Officer.

  • Friday of Following Week: The Chief Financial Officer will make the final approvals for the funding requests and results/allocations will be posted to the A.S. Funding Request Website.

Programming Funding Appeals Process:

Should you be dissatisfied with your allocated amount, you may be eligible to appeal the decision. Only programming funding requests can be appealed. If you have any questions with the following information, please contact the A.S. Office of Student Organizations at


Funding appeals are reviewed by the A.S. Finance Committee, not the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources.

You can find the appeals application and appeal the application on the original event funding application under the tab File Appeal.

  • A completed appeal form must be submitted alongside any supporting documents no later than 15 A.S. working days before the event on the Funding Request Website. Application must be submitted prior to 11:59 PM on the aforementioned deadline. Only one application may be submitted for any particular event.

  • A.S. will accept no late appeals. Appeal forms and supporting documents cannot be modified after the submission deadline has passed.

  • Only items submitted with the appeal form will be considered when the appeal is reviewed. As such, all supporting documents must be attached to the appeal form. If statements in the appeal form cannot be correlated to documentation attached, it is highly unlikely your appeal will pass.

  • A Triton Activity Planner (TAP) must be started before submitting the appeal.

  • Once a review is completed, your organization will receive an email with the results.

  • Appeals will not be reviewed under the following circumstances:

    1. If your event has been postponed from the date listed in the initial request. (If your event is postponed due to an act of nature or campus emergency accommodations can be made.)

    2. If your initial funding deadline was missed.

    3. If your funding request is for $5.00 or less.



Applications are due 30 A.S. working days or 6 full A.S. working weeks before your event. Please look at the deadline table to ensure you apply for funding on time. 











Step 1: Apply for Funding from AS


Funding Applications Due





Step 2: Receive Funding Confirmation


Applications will be Approved or Denied





Approved Step 3: Begin TAP Process  - No less than 21 days prior to event 

Denied Step 3: Begin TAP and Appeal Process - TAP must be completed in order to submit an appeal 





Approved Continue TAP Process

Denied Continue TAP and Appeal Process






Approved Finalize TAP Process

Denied Finalize TAP and Appeal Process















Step 5: Host Your Event



Step 6: Submit Reimbursement Request to SLBO  - No less than 14 days following event 

Step 7: Return Post-Event Evaluation Form (PEEF) - Within 10 AS working days following event





Please Allow a minimum of 3 Weeks for Processing

Expect a longer turnaround at the end of the school year




Please Note: From here on out, the phrase “A.S. working days” will be mentioned and will refer to a standard day of the working week, excluding all weekends, holidays, and academic breaks.



**Applications for Weeks 0-5 of Fall 2024 are due May 31, 2024**



  • Funding request applications must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on the specified application date.

  • Organizations will be able to view final allocations within one week after the review process takes place. You will receive an email confirmation detailing where you can see the status of your funding request.

  • Events occurring on or after Fall 2024 Week 6 can apply for A.S. funding beginning Fall 2024 during Week 0.

  • No appeals will be processed for Fall Quarter Week 0 to 5 events.




All student organizations receiving A.S. funding for an event is required to submit a PEEF within 10 A.S. working days after the event ends. PEEFS can be found on your online funding application. Additional funding will be withheld from any student organization with outstanding PEEFS. A copy of flyers, posters, and other marketing must be attached to your PEEF with the A.S. logo clearly visible.



Vendor payments:

In many cases, an off-campus vendor who is operating on campus, cannot be reimbursed. Instead, these vendors require purchase orders to be submitted. If you or your vendor has any questions on payment, your Student Life Business Office (SLBO) Fund Manager can answer all questions.

All vendor payments made through your SLBO Fund Manager require an official order/invoice from an approved vendor to your Triton Activities Planner (TAP) event.

  • Food Services

    • Food orders can be drop-off, pick-up or delivery. Food orders may be reimbursed or processed by your SLBO Fund Manager depending on the vendor.  (Please contact your SLBO Fund Manager).  Food orders exceeding $1,000 are recommended to be purchased through your SLBO Fund Manager, but can be reimbursed.

    • Per Regents Policy 5402, all full-service catering performed on-campus must be performed by UC San Diego Catering.

  • Non-Food Services (party rentals, photographers, etc.)

    • All university-approved service vendor purchases of any dollar amount require a purchase order.

If you have any questions about how to make a purchase or receive reimbursement, please contact your SLBO Fund Manager or the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources before making any orders. Assistance is available to all student organizations, but once payments have been made, accommodations for mistakes are difficult and often impossible.



When logged into the A.S. finance website (, you can view the status of your application as it moves throughout the review process. The following are statuses you may see on your application and their explanations.

  • Submitted: Application has been successfully submitted for review.

  • Under Review: Under initial review by SOFAB.

  • Changes Needed: Changes are needed to the application for approval. Details about what exact changes are needed will be stated.

  • Approval: Initial approval by SOFAB. Still needs to be reviewed by the Chief Financial Officer, after which the status will change.

  • Final Approval: Final approved by the Chief Financial Officer. Funding application has been approved with stated funding amounts. An appeal may be filed.

  • Denied: Denied after review by SOFAB and Chief Financial Officer. Reasoning will be noted. An appeal may be filed.

  • Appeal Under-Review: Appeal is under review by the AS Finance Committee.

  • Appeal Approved: Appeal approved by A.S. Finance Committee. Updated allocated amounts will be stated.

  • Appeal Denied: Appeal is denied by A.S. Finance Committee. Reasoning of the Committee will be noted.



Admission Fees and the Sale of Items:

Per UC policy, A.S. cannot fund events that charge admission fees to undergraduate students in any form. Examples of admission fees include, but are not limited to: tickets for presale, guaranteed entry, or priority entry.

Furthermore, event attendees cannot feel obligated or pressured to donate funds in order to attend or while attending an event. If your event would like to collect donations you may, however the collections may not be near the entrance.

Student organizations are prohibited from charging any fees, even if the fee will be later refunded.

Student organizations may not, under any circumstance, sell items or services that A.S. Programming Funds were used to purchase.

If your organization is found to be in violation of this and is funded by A.S. Programming Funds, your funding may be revoked and your organization will be subject to penalty.

Change of Item/Service:

A.S. understands that the items funded may not be the exact same ones listed in your funding application. We use the idea of comparable goods to determine if the item change is acceptable. If the item change is comparable, such as two foods being interchanged, there is no issue switching which item is purchased, and your organization does not need to inform A.S. However, if the new item is not comparable to the original one, such as changing between a food item and a vendor rental, your organization must submit new documentation or vendor prices to A.S. and obtain A.S. approval before switching to the new item. Failure to obtain approval (when required) may result in withheld funds for non-approved items. All requests and documentation relating to non-comparable goods should be emailed to


  • Acceptable: If you requested funding for hamburgers and instead purchased hotdogs.

  • Unacceptable: If you requested funding for hamburgers and instead rented a mechanical bull.

A.S. will not adjust the amount of money given to an organization if they switch goods. For example, if you receive $35 for hamburgers and want to instead buy hot dogs, that is acceptable. However, A.S. is still only contributing $35 toward your purchase of hot dogs.

Performance Agreement Fees:

Performance Agreements are funded as contracts rather than reimbursements or purchase orders. When student organizations violate any portion of A.S. Funding Policies, A.S. cannot rescind Performance Agreements as they are contracts from the University. Therefore, when a student organization has used A.S. funds for performance agreements and violated a specific portion of A.S. Funding Policies, the student organization’s funding will automatically be rescinded for the rest of the academic year and the organization will be put on probation.

There is an Artist Agreement fee charged by UC San Diego when a student organization hires a paid performer for an event. A.S. has made arrangements to pay for this fee in an effort to reduce the financial burden placed on student organizations. Student organizations do not need to include this fee in programming funding requests. Please speak with an SLBO Fund Manager if there are questions pertaining to the payment of this fee.

Event Changes:

Once your event has received A.S. funding, it cannot change. If you seek to change an event, please submit another funding request. For example, if you are hosting a Medical School Night and you change your event to a volunteer medical clinic night, those are two separate events. You are required to submit a separate funding request.

If your event simply needs rescheduling, please contact before making any changes. Failure to obtain approval for any changes will result in A.S. rescinding funding. Event reschedules are possible, however the request for a new date must be submitted to A.S. and your CSI Student Organization Advisor in a timely manner.

No Show:

Student Organizations that fail to host the event without warning A.S., CSI, and SLBO prior, will face consequences including the loss of funding for the remainder of the academic year. To notify of an event cancellation email the Sr. Associate Vice President of Student Organizations,, your CSI Student Organization Advisor and your SLBO Fund Manager.

Event Advertising:

Any event that receives A.S. funding must be advertised to the UC San Diego undergraduate population. This may constitute emails, chalking classrooms, library walk, social media ads, etc. If A.S. feels as though your student organization did not make a good faith effort to advertise, further funding may be rescinded from your student organization. Any printed/digital/online promotional materials must show the A.S. logo in a clear and visible location. The A.S. Logo can be located at this link:

Co-Hosted Events:

Although student organizations can share the cost of an event, one student organization must be the lead. The leading student organization must request the A.S. funding for the event, fill out the TAP (as there can only be one TAP), make the space reservations, and be the point of contact for A.S. should issues arise. All reimbursements and funding will be sent to the leading student organization. Failure to abide by these principles may result in penalization for both student organizations. All other funding rules still apply. Please contact your SLBO Fund Manager and CSI Student Organization Advisor for help with co-hosted events.

Philanthropic Events:

Many student organizations host philanthropic events to try and bring change around the world. A.S. encourages these efforts and hopes to support in any way it can. When applying for funding, A.S. classifies philanthropic events into two categories: Awareness Events and Pure Philanthropic Events. Please observe the descriptions to determine which category your event falls into and how to proceed.

Awareness Events:

These events are hosted with the specific intent of raising awareness for a cause or philanthropy. Students at these events must not feel pressured to donate. A donation box may be present, but it cannot be near the entrance or high traffic areas. An event cannot convey that it is a philanthropy with its name or advertising (ex: Fundraising for XYZ). These may not have an admission fee.

These events can receive Programming Funds from A.S. The money received does not need to be repaid after the event. However, any funding given to an awareness event must be used for non-permanent goods going directly back to UC San Diego students. Example: If your student organization is raising awareness for a food drive, any food purchased must be consumed at the awareness event and cannot be donated to the food drive.

Event Example: Student organization XYZ hosts an event called “Rainforest Deforestation Awareness Event”. XYZ hires a speaker to talk to the group about the issues in the rainforest and makes a call to action. No admission fees are charged. No mandatory donation box is present. Refreshments are provided to students. No funds are used to actually plant trees in the rainforest. This is an awareness event.

Pure Philanthropic Events:

A good way to define a Pure Philanthropic event is anything that doesn’t fit into the prior criteria. If the event pressures students to donate, the event has an active donation box at the door, or the event is actively contributing or donating to a cause, it is philanthropic. This includes any event that has an admission fee or charges students to participate in the activities at the event. These events can also be named whatever you choose.

These events cannot receive programming funding from A.S. Instead, they must seek out an IFPL (Interest Free Programming Loan) from A.S. These loans must be repaid to A.S. As long as the event does not violate federal, state, local, or university laws, there are no restrictions to the usage of funding. This money can be used to purchase prizes or giveaways for the events. If money is going to a charity or philanthropy, the organization being donated to must be a registered 501(c)(3).

Event Example: Any event that allows for students to actively participate in a charity drive or a raffle. Student organization XYZ was hosting an event called “Rainforest Charity Drive”. At the event there was an admission fee to participate, a raffle, a silent auction, and a donation drive. All prizes awarded were permanent items kept by students. This event cannot receive programming funds and must apply for an IFPL. The IFPL must be repaid after the event.

Rentals and Tech Fees:

Student organizations seeking a grill or BBQ rental for an event can receive one free of charge. For more information, please contact the One Stop Desk at or during desk operating hours on the third floor of the Price Center. Grill or BBQ rentals do not need to be listed on your application.

The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) allows student organizations to request a waive of all or partial tech fees (up to $500 per organization, per academic year) for CSI-registered student organization events that take place during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters) and are held within the Price Center or Original Student Center. Not all events are guaranteed funding. Review the application process at

Permanent Items:

As another reminder, no A.S. programming funds may be used to purchase permanent items. Permanent items are any items that an organization can reasonably use for more than one event or will be taken home by individual students from an event. For any questions relating to what is or isn’t a permanent item, please contact the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources ( or the A.S. Office of Student Organizations ( Any programming funding applications that include permanent items will have said items invalidated and unfunded.

Probation and Penalizations:

We hope that no student organization will violate the rules laid forth in the A.S. Funding Guide. However, if a student organization does violate these policies, A.S. reserves the right to penalize a student organization and remove its ability to receive further A.S. funding. The more violations that a student organization occurs, the harsher the penalty will be. These punishments can range from a warning all the way up to a denial of future funding. Violations and penalties are reviewed by the A.S. Chief Financial Officer and Sr. AVP of Student Orgs. Student Organizations must contact the A.S. Chief Financial Officer to review their appeal rights. In order to ensure events are following the rules, the A.S. Office of Student Organizations will randomly send A.S. employees to events. If you have any questions about a violation of rules, please contact the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources (


Operating Funds for the 2023-2024 academic year are $150, which all registered student organizations receive to purchase items not covered by programming funds. All operating funds must be used to promote your student organization. There is a limit to the amount of Operating Funds available, so it too is on a first come, first served basis. You can begin utilizing Operating Funds on September 25, 2023.

Operating Funds are limited to the following items:

  • Flyers, posters, banners, tent covers

  • Blue tape, yarn, string, zip ties

  • AS Graphic Studio and Imprint Services

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat ads/filters

  • Print materials not specifically denoted such as brochures, pamphlets, and other printed items

  • Advertisement in the Center for Student Involvement’s Get Involved Magazine

  • Pop-up tents and tablecloths

  • Any software/program (monthly subscriptions only) that assists your student organization with its operations: Adobe, CanvaPro, Zoom Webinar License, etc.

Examples of items ineligible for Operating Funds: Apparel, annual/yearly subscriptions, website domain, power tools, laptops and other general items that could be used by sole individuals.


Contact your Fund Manager at for assistance accessing the operating funds and making purchases.



  • Any costs exceeding your programming funds must be covered by your own student organization’s funds.

  • Printing using the Geisel Library Print Station will not be covered

  • The final date to request use of operating funds during the 2023-2024 school year is Friday, April 26, 2024.


What is an IFPL?

Due to University restrictions, A.S. is unable to fund all requests through Programming Funds. If your student organization requires funding for an event that Programming Funds cannot cover, you may request an IFPL. Interest Free Programming Loans are essentially a short term loan your student organization takes from A.S. The entirety of the loan must be repaid within 60 days of its allocation or by the last day of June, whichever comes first.

No student organization may have more than one outstanding IFPL, and no more than $12,000 may be administered for an individual IFPL. In order for your student organization to receive an IFPL, you must be approved by a majority vote from the A.S. Senate.

Due to the nature of the loans, A.S. recommends speaking with the Chief Financial Officer or Sr. AVP of Student Organizations before requesting an IFPL.

Failure to Repay

In the event that a loan is not repaid by the aforementioned deadline, the Chief Financial Officer may request a hold on the Principal Members’ academic registrations until loan repayment is received. At the beginning of every academic quarter, the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources shall contact the Principal Members of student organizations with an outstanding loan and establish a repayment plan.



All IFPLs must be requested at least Five (5) weeks prior to the event.

  1. Obtain an IFPL form by either:

    1. Emailing the A.S. Office of Finance and Resources ( or A.S. Office of Student Organizations ( or;

    2. Accessing the Finance tab on the A.S. website at

  2. Fill out the IFPL Form.

  3. Email the completed form to the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations ( ) no later than five (5) weeks prior to the event.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging a receipt of your form within one A.S. Working Day. Should you not receive confirmation within one A.S. Working Day, please resend the completed form to the Sr. AVP of Student Organizations.

  5. After your application is reviewed you will be notified of the loan decision. Subsequent documents will follow if the loan is approved.


What is a Tournament and Competition Fund?

One of the goals of A.S. is to expand the outreach of student organizations. Tournament and Competition funds are made available to student organizations looking to participate in events outside of UC San Diego. For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, A.S. will fund both in-person and virtual tournaments and competitions with student organizations allowed a maximum allocation of $3,000 for the academic year.

Student organizations can receive tournament and competition funding for any number of events throughout the year. The maximum amount of funding you can receive for all events during the 2023-2024 academic year is $3,000. Funding is also on a first come, first served basis and the total $3,000 is not guaranteed to every student organization.

Qualifications and Restrictions of Tournament and Competition Funds

  • Tournament and Competition funds cover the following categories:

    1. Competition/Registration Fees

    2. Transportation from a third-party vendor (ex. Airfare, bus)

  • Tournament and Competition Funding may not be used for conference travel.

  • A.S. will not provide funding to student organizations attending events that occur in part or in whole during Winter Break, Spring Break, or summer vacation. All travel must be completed by the final day of each quarter. See the administrative calendar on UC San Diego Blink for more date information: 

  • Student organizations can receive tournament and competition funding for any number of events throughout the year. The maximum amount of funding you can receive for all events during the 2023-2024 academic year is $3,000. Funding is also on a first come, first served basis and the total $3,000 is not guaranteed to every student organization.

  • A.S. funds may not be used for lodging expenses in single family homes, Air B&Bs, Bed and Breakfasts, condominiums, apartments, or any other home-sharing or peer to peer rental services.

  • The deadline for Programming and Tournament & Competition funds for Fall quarter 2024 Weeks 0-5 is Friday, June 7th 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Student organizations seeking reimbursement for travel must use a third-party vendor.

A.S. will never pay for any travel expenses involving student drivers in any capacity.

All charter bus arrangements must be made through the SLBO. If you are using a chartered bus contact the SLBO before making arrangements. These expenses will never be handled through reimbursement and instead will be handled via purchase order by your SLBO Fund Manager. A.S. will also reimburse travel between airports or bus stations and the competition city if it is done through a third-party vendor (i.e. SuperShuttle).



If your organization meets the prior qualifications and you are a Principal Member, follow the steps below to apply. 

  1. Go to the Finance Website at In the drop-down menu, select apply for funding and login with your SSO.

  2. Select Create New Tournament Application to create the request

  3. Attach Vendor Documentation for ALL items and costs that you are requesting. This includes price estimates or website screenshots for all information such as travel, lodging, and competition fees.

  4. Attach any other information about the event your organization is attending. This includes invitations, event websites, etc.

  5. Submit your tournament and competition application no later than 30 A.S working days prior to the START of the event at 11:59 PM. If that date falls on a non A.S. working day, it must be submitted by the last Friday prior to the 30-day deadline at 11:59 PM. No exceptions will be made to this deadline no matter what. Should you miss this deadline, your application is denied.

  6. You will receive an email from A.S. confirming the submission of your application.

What to do if your funding is approved:

Pre-Tournament/Competition: All traveling members must review the following website:

  1. Determine a principal member group leader and finalize who is participating

  2. Register for the event and begin making authorized purchases (save all receipts)

  3. Complete and submit the Tournament /Competition Request Form available at no later than two weeks prior to the departure, including:

    1. Individual or Group Waivers

    2. Insurance Certificate: Needed on a case by case basis, connect with your CSI Student Organizations Advisor

    3. Original receipts for approved items and expenses

  4. Payee Set-up Process:

    1. All students who are non-UCSD employees must register in PaymentWorks to be reimbursed.  If not already registered, please contact your Fund Manager to receive a registration link.

    2. Current and former student employees must assign their Fund Manager as a delegate in Concur to be reimbursed.

  • For any questions about what these documents are or how to submit them, please contact your SLBO Fund Manager BEFORE the deadlines.


  1. Provide group leader with final itemized receipts including proof of payment for each purchase

  2. Calculate final reimbursement amounts for each payee based on the amount funded

  3. Your SLBO Fund Manager will review and approve your final submission to close out your request, and contact the group leader as needed.

  4. A PEEF (Post Event Evaluation Form) must be submitted to A.S. within ten A.S. working days of the tournament and competition ending.

Additional Tournament and Competition Funding Information and Policies:

  • All travel for tournament and competition must happen within the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. A.S. will fund no event hosted in any other location.

  • AS will not fund any travel, lodging, or entrance fees for conferences. Any events attended by student organizations must have a primary focus on Tournament and Competition (i.e. the main purpose of the event is for groups to compete against each other). It is not sufficient for an event to simply have a tournament or competition aspect.

  • The individual who signed (including an electronic signature) the Tournament and Competition request form may be personally subjected to A.S. funding penalties if it is determined that information provided on the request form was misrepresented.

  • There are no appeals for Tournament and Competition Funding.

Act of Nature: An event that directly and exclusively results from the occurrence of natural causes that could not be have been prevented. For example, rain, hail, tsunami, etc.

Alcoholic Beverage Service: Any form of professional wait service or distribution service of alcoholic drinks to students where the majority of the items being served by the contracted group are alcoholic drinks. For example, A.S. will not pay for a bartender. However, A.S. may pay for a distribution service if the majority of the served items are food and not alcoholic beverages. Organizations must ensure that all Campus Police, University, and California Alcoholic Beverage Control policies are abided by.

A.S. Working Days: A weekday (Monday-Friday) that occurs during Fall, Winter, or Spring Quarter that is not a university holiday, not during finals week for any quarter, and not during Winter Break, Spring Break, or Summer Vacation. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are NOT A.S. working days.

Bracket Cap: The overall maximum amount of funding that can be requested and/or allocated for an event. There are six brackets of funding which can be found under the programming funds section of the Funding Guide.

Campus Emergency: The closure of an area or facility in campus due to health or safety concerns.

Clarifying Information (Tournament/Competition requests): A supplemental document or explanation required by A.S. in order to properly evaluate a Tournament and Competition request. No information or documentation required by the application’s instructions is considered clarifying information. However, clarifying information may pertain to the required information or documentation. The request for clarifying information will not render an application incomplete.

Courtesy Notice: A notification from A.S., typically sent via e-mail to the principal member who completed a funding request, stating that errors exist within the submitted funding request. A.S. is not obligated to send these notifications as it is the responsibility of student organizations to ensure funding requests are submitted properly.

Food and beverages: Any item that is intended for consumption by an individual. This includes, but it not limited to, any appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Gifts and giveaways: Items intended for a student’s consumption or use upon the conclusion of the event. Examples include, but are not limited to, gift cards, sexual health items, coffee mugs, pins, lanyards.

High traffic areas: A location highly visible to or frequented by attendees in the event facility. For example, the event’s entrance, food areas, and seating areas would be considered high traffic areas.

Incomplete Application (Tournament/Competition requests): A submitted Tournament and Competition request where any information or documentation required by the instructions on the application are not present or are missing when turned in.

Items that would allow students to generate an income: An example of this would include using a canopy to display posters that advertised the selling of an item.

Low traffic areas: Areas within the event facility where attendees must make a conscious effort to be present there. For example, a back wall of the event facility where limited, if any activities, are occurring.

Acts of Nature: Allocated A.S. funding can be used to pay for approved costs of events impacted by Acts of Nature. However, A.S. funds cannot be utilized to pay for approved costs of events impact by Acts of Nature if it is determined that the student organization acted negligently.

A.S. and College Council Elections: Events receiving A.S. funding may not be used to support any candidate or slate. It is advised to speak with the Office of Finance and Resources and the A.S. Elections Manager to discuss permissible actions. Please note that Funding Guide and Election policies are administered by different bodies within A.S. Thus, it is possible to be in compliance with A.S. funding regulations but at the same time violate the A.S. Election Code.

Authority: Programming Funding, Tournament and Funding, Operating Funding, Annual Event Funding, and Interest-Free Programming Loans fall under the regulation of the A.S. Funding Guide version present at the time of request submission. A.S. has ultimate jurisdiction over the allocation of A.S. funding.

Availability of A.S. Funding: Please be aware that Associated Students has a limited source of funding. The Office of Finance and Resources reserves the right to deny funding requests once the amount allocated in the A.S. Executive Budget for Programming, Operating, Tournament and Competition, and A.S. Grants has been exhausted. Please note that requests are funded in the order they were submitted.

Campus Emergencies: Allocated A.S. funding can be used to pay for approved costs of events impacted by campus emergencies. However, A.S. funds cannot be utilized to pay for approved costs of events impacted by campus emergencies if it is determined that the student organization acted negligently.

Information Accuracy: While A.S. strives to have accurate information printed in the yearly A.S. Funding Guide, some policies and information out of A.S. control may change subsequent to printing, publication, and distribution. It is our goal to keep these occurrences to a minimum, and we apologize in advance for any problems or inconveniences that may arise. Please note that university policies and the A.S. Standing Rules may supersede the A.S. Funding Guide, and we are obligated to abide by them regardless of what is printed in the A.S. Funding Guide.

Non Compliance: Should an A.S. funding policy be violated, the Office of Finance and Resources will take appropriate measures to address the situation. The course of action will reflect: the severity of the violation, any penalties outlined in the Funding Guide, and the total number of violations a student organization has for the year. Possible sanctions include, but are not limited to, warning letters, revocation of funding, oversight on future events receiving A.S. funding, meetings with principal members, freezing of student organization accounts, and suspension of future A.S. funding requests. Please note that unfamiliarity with an A.S. funding policy does not prevent penalties from being imposed.


Transfers of Allocated A.S. Funds:Transfers of Allocated A.S. Funds: Only the student organization that applied for and was granted A.S. funding may utilize the A.S. allocated funds. Student organizations wishing to transfer the approved A.S. funding to another student organization must request permission from A.S. prior to making any changes. Only the student organization that applied for and was granted A.S. funding may utilize the A.S. allocated funds. Student organizations wishing to transfer the approved A.S. funding to another student organization must request permission from A.S. prior to making any changes.Transfers of Allocated A.S. Funds: Only the student organization that applied for and was granted A.S. funding may utilize the A.S. allocated funds. Student organizations wishing to transfer the approved A.S. funding to another student organization must request permission from A.S. prior to making any changes.

Majority Criterion: If the majority of an event’s price estimates are missing, or if it appears that an event cannot go on without the items that were denied A.S. funding, the entire funding request will be rejected. Organizations can appeal a denial caused by the majority criterion by showing that there are other aspects to the event that A.S. is not aware of or by submitting a valid price estimate for the item or service that caused the majority criterion to be invoked. Organizations must submit the price estimates FOR ALL ITEMS with the completed appeal.

No Show Organizations: An organization which fails to hold an event on the date specified in the funding request. Failure to notify A.S., SLBO, and CSI constitutes a “no show.”

Non-essential services or items: Certain items or services provided by a vendor that are not necessary for the success of the event. They are often considered “extras.” Examples include, but are not limited to, valet service, car washes, massage chairs.

Permanent items: Something that is owned or stored, and is not used up during an organization’s event. Items intended for more than a single use. While A.S. will not fund the purchase of these items, it may fund the rental of these from an approved vendor. Examples include, but are not limited to, canopies, audio and computer equipment, machines, deck of playing cards, computer software licenses (of any time length).

Spring Break: The time between the day after the last day of Winter Quarter up through the day before Spring Quarter begins (according to the Academic and Administrative Calendar posted on UCSD Blink).

Summer Vacation: Also referred to as Summer Break. The time between the day after the last day of Spring Quarter for one academic year up through the day before Fall Quarter begins the next academic year (according to the Academic and Administrative Calendar posted on UCSD Blink).

Third party legal and financial services: Financial and legal fees billed by non-university businesses. Examples include, but are not limited to, attorney fees, collection agencies, bank services fees.

Triton Activities Planner (TAP): An online form administered by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) that must be submitted in conjunction with any requests for A.S. funding. Please contact CSI with any questions regarding the TAP process.

Uninformed Foot Traffic: Undergraduate students who do not know about an event ahead of time through advertising or other methods. However, they have the ability to view an event and attend it because it is being held in a facility that is accessible and known by the average UCSD student traversing campus via walking.

Winter Break: The time between the day after the last day of Fall Quarter up through the day before Winter Quarter begins (according to the Academic and Administrative Calendar posted on UCSD Blink).


The CSI Advising Team supports student organizations in a variety of ways including advisement on organization registration, event planning, the Triton Activity planner, university policies, goal setting, and more! o The Center for Student Involvement is located on the 3rd Floor of Price Center East. Visit CSI’s website for more information.   


SLBO Fund Managers can help with event purchases, expenses, and reimbursements. If a vendor has questions on how or when they will be paid by the University, please check with your SLBO Fund Manager before responding. SLBO Fund Managers can assist with:

  • Reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses (Payment Request Form)

  • Payments to on-campus and off-campus pre-approved vendors

  • Travel-related expenses

  • Access to Operating Funds

  • Recharge forms for making on-campus purchases at the Bookstore and Imprints

  • Deposits to and withdrawals from student org on-campus accounts for event-related purposes

  • Providing available balances in Gift and Student Organization on-campus accounts that can be used for on-campus events


SLBO Contacts

  • Kevin Antonelli, Student Orgs A-F,, (858) 534-0015

  • Johnny Ha, Student Orgs G-O,, (858) 822-4468

  • Alma Gallegos Osorio, Student Orgs P-Z,, (858) 246-5744

Visit for more information


  • College Councils (RCC, MCC, TMCSC, WCSC, SCERC, SCSC, SCC): Contact your college’s Dean of Student Affairs

  • Student promoted Access Center for Education and Services (SPACES) (

  • Student Sustainability Collective (

  • University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) for tech fee subsidies (

  • Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (

For more funding resources, visit or reach out to your CSI Advisor.

On behalf of Associated Students, we thank you for working diligently to understand our policies. We definitely commend all the work that you have done for the student body and your student organizations. We understand that the funding guide can sometimes feel like a constraint to your ability to freely hold events, but we want to emphasize that these guidelines are to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and the responsible use of student fees. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we are communicating with you and ensure that this year runs smoothly as you host your events throughout the academic year.

Our goal is for all student organizations to be able to achieve the success that they want. We want to make sure that we are the dependable representatives and are available as resources for you and your student organization. If you or your student organization has any questions about the rules set here, what to do for funding, or just advice on events in general, please do not hesitate to reach out. Furthermore, we welcome any conversations regarding the funding guide as your input is very important to us. A.S. holds weekly Senate meetings on the fourth floor of Price Center at 6 o’clock every Wednesday, for Fall Quarter all Senate meetings will have a virtual viewing option. These meetings are open for students to attend, and we advise any curious students to sit through a session and observe. The A.S. Office of Finance and Resources is also located on the fourth floor of Price Center in the A.S. offices. Office hours for the Financial Controller and Sr. AVP of Student Organizations will be announced on a quarterly basis, and will be held on Zoom (link will be provided) for Fall Quarter 2023.

We hope to make the process as easy as possible with funding seminars. These will be hosted regularly throughout the year and involve an open conversation between A.S. representatives and student organizations. Feel free to attend and learn more about A.S. funding at UC San Diego.

Finally, we understand that most people reading this are Principal Members of their student organizations. We want to offer a sincere thank you to the hard working students who run student organizations on this campus and help grow our community. Your dedication to the students of this University does not go unnoticed.

Best of luck with all your endeavors in the 2023-24 year!

All the best,



Financial Controller | Chief Financial Officer


Senior Associate Vice President of Student Organizations


Cesar Orellana, Senior Associate Vice President of Student Organizations 

Asha Krishna, Chief Financial Officer 

Kelley Kozlowski, Associated Students Advisor | (858) 340 - 1469

Alfredo Barcenas, Director of Student Governments, Auxiliaries and Services | (858) 534 – 1611


The A.S. Offices are located on the 4th floor of Price Center East.